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Ash Conway CEO Bugwolf and Ashley Howden CEO KJR talk turkey about CX testing

Ash Conway, our founder and CEO was recently interviewed by Ashley Howden, CEO of KJR a leader in software quality analysis, risk management and testing working mostly with government and ASX listed companies. The interview covered a number of important points including Bugwolf’s dedication to quality assurance and innovation in the testing environment.
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A key discussion item was customer experience based testing becoming the norm in determining usability, and how geography is an important factor in doing customer experience testing the right way, among other topics.

Bugwolf is a unique company using cloud technology to provide on-demand quality assurance across third party built products both prior to and post deployment. An elite pool of talent of testers that can provide fresh eyes on any application. Cloud testing accelerates product release cycles while reducing the cost of customer experience testing by up to 50%. Bugwolf operates on the principle that accelerated engagement in software testing means lower costs up front and better usability for customers. This creates brand loyalty, better word of mouth and more profit in the long run.

See the complete video interview on Bugwolf's YouTube Channel

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