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Expand Your QA Team at Short Notice
With Flexible Contracts.

We specialise in helping test managers expand their QA team at short notice with flexible contracts. Our approach saves time and resources in hiring, managing, and transitioning staff.

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Flexible Contracts To Suit Your Smallest And Largest Software Development Projects

We are expert QA analysts who work at your direction providing web and mobile software testing services including user acceptance testing, integration testing, regression testing, and production verification testing.

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Available for short and long term engagements

Test Analysts

Creation of Test Cases & Test Plans

Preparing & Maintaining Test Data

Execution of Testing

Identifying, Logging & Managing Issues

Coordinating Defect Resolution with Developers

Managing Testing Schedules

Testing Coordination

Managing Reporting & Software Tools

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for an analyst and manager to get started?

When you first get in touch with us we will get back in touch within 24-hours. From there, we will organise a call to discuss your project and plan next steps. We are typically up and running within 30-days with dedicated analysts and managers.

Do you provide full-time dedicated analysts and managers?

Yes, our analysts and managers are your fully dedicated and can work short and long term engagements. They work at your direction and provide end-to-end services from building strategies, scenarios, and working with developers on feedback.

Can I see sample scenarios or results?

Yes, we can share sample results on request or we can set up a demo based on your application or model. In most cases we will have sample results in our archive which are based on applications within your specific industry.

What’s involved with getting a project started?

There are typically a couple of calls which we have with clients and their teams and to discuss project requirements. Once we have agreed to the scope and terms, and contracts are signed, we lock in on-boarding and kick off calls as next steps.

Do we need to hire a dedicated internal manager?

No, our testing teams are fully managed by a dedicated manager. We are familiar with working with lean digital development teams that have limited resources. We step in and fulfil this role to keep your team focused on what they do best.

Do your analysts and managers work our business hours?

Yes, no matter where you are based in the world, our analysts and managers work during your business hours and timezone. This is the best way to maintain a good level of momentum and synchronous communication with all team members.

Apply A Fresh Set of Eyes To Review Your Software For Potential Problems Quickly.

Create Happy Teams

Getting expensive developers to do testing is the easiest way to blow out your development budget. Keep your team happy and give the testing to dedicated experts who are 100% objective and follow proven processes.

Recover Project Timelines

Speed up your time to market by finding and eliminating issues early and more often. We can test while your teams are online and have your reports fully triaged for the development team to review daily.

Eliminate Reputational Risk

Drastically reduce the chance of a catastrophic issues going live and eliminate the impact of customer facing problems. By testing quickly and more often, structured testing can reduce both financial and reputation risk.

Expand Test Coverage

Managing your own mobile and desktop device lab can be really expensive and time consuming. Improve digital quality by expanding your device and test coverage with our fully managed device lab.

Accelerate Software Releases

Speed to market a company's greatest advantage especially when it comes to software delivery. By having access to an expert team of testers you can slash days from your testing and release cycles.

Reduce Cost of Testing

As the digital landscape becomes more complex and the updates and changes become more frequent so does the cost of testing. We shave thousands of dollars each year from our clients testing budgets.

In The Press

What Companies Are Saying

Steve Maidment
General Manager, Digital Channels and Innovation

Our customers are global and testing in each region is typically not possible. Bugwolf assembled an elite team of beta-testers in regions relevant to our customers and issued each with credit cards. This meant they tested our e‑commerce tool in a real world environment and found bugs we didn’t even know existed.

David Mast
Asia Pacific Sales Leader,
IBM - Bluemix PaaS

Bugwolf customers tell me they are realising significant ROI by freeing their lines of business from user acceptance testing while decreasing time to revenue through streamlining product delivery shipments. And equally important to them is Bugwolf's identification of significant bugs prior to moving apps into production.

Todd Copeland
General Manager Digital, National Australia Bank

Bugwolf provides an innovative approach to testing, especially in digital. Our initial bug hunts demonstrated a significant opportunity to reduce the cost of testing whilst maintaining (and often enhancing) quality as we increase the speed to customer value. The return on investment is compelling.