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Apple iOS 9 release hopes to avoid repeat of $23b stock value plunge with software testing

With the Internet running rife with news of the upcoming release of Apple iOS 9 in September, we can’t help but recall the software glitches associated with the release of iOS 8.
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Apple shares dropped four percent, losing almost twenty-three billion dollars in value following the launch of iPhone 6 and iOS 8 in just one week between 19 and 25 September 2014. Apple apologised repeatedly to iPhone users who had experienced software glitches. This did little to stop the avalanche of negative social media and litany of complaints.

Although the iPhone 6 line was, at the time, Apple's best selling ever, there were a number of software problems and many complained that the phones themselves bent too easily in the pocket. Poor battery life was  a common complaint, causing people to wonder if Apple tended  to improve software but neglecting hardware.

Other problems reported were glitchy connections to both WiFi and Bluetooth. keyboards simply disappearing, debate around security concerns of the iPhone TouchID and others.

While iOS8 addressed some of these glitches, users were forced to seek workarounds such as changing settings. We would certainly hope that with the release of Apple iOS 9 they will have fixed these issues, rather than users having to continue to rely on such workarounds.

Quite obviously the impact of the $23b plunge on the stock market did take a toll on tech company, and  it certainly raised questions around whether the company had the ability to stay in the position of Market Leader. The competition has been cutting down Apple's lead for quite a while now. Tech buyers are picky and, if a company wants to stay out front, it must consistently offer both innovation and quality. If anyone at Apple thinks they can rest on their laurels, they need only remember three little words, Digital Equipment Corporation.

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