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Bugwolf Announces Robotic Test Automation In Partnership With UiPath Test Suite

Bugwolf, a leader in software testing, announces today that we have partnered with UiPath, the leading enterprise in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) software company, to improve software testing with the power of AI, machine learning, and robotic automation.
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Today we combine the power of humans and artificial intelligence to bring you state of the art and best class automated testing platforms and services at a fraction of the time and cost.

“We’ve been in the user testing space for eight years and have never been confident that existing test automation solutions have been able to deliver on their expectations. Many of our clients have shared horror stories of their experience with test automation, and because of this, they continued to stick with tried and tested user testing with humans,” said CEO Ash Conway.

UiPath complements the user testing approach by Bugwolf to provide end-to-end software testing solutions for mid-market and enterprise clients - from exploratory, accessibility to regression testing. Bugwolf combines these different testing approaches with the power of a cloud-based device lab to provide a comprehensive digital quality solution that can be applied to websites, mobile apps, and APIs.

Because of the high rate of change in software and technology, the time and cost to build and maintain test automation suites can typically outweigh the benefits. UiPath Test Suite solves the problems which test automation originally set out to address. By using the power of AI and Machine Learning, UiPath makes it faster to build a test suite with their intuitive tools, and much more flexible and easier to maintain, while accelerating test coverage.

“In taking the UiPath Test Suite to market, we looked for leaders in application testing that recognize the opportunity for our joint customers to accelerate their business. Bugwolf is a leader in application testing, bringing proven capability and methodologies to enhance UiPath Test Suite and deliver successfully to our customers,” said Martin Milthorpe, Regional Partner Director, Australia & New Zealand at UiPath.

“Historically, we have never been sold on test automation solutions. Today, with UiPath, that has all changed. UiPath delivers a completely new level of rapid testing performance suited to today's agile development environment.” Ash said.

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