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Infographic: How To Attract "A-Grade" Software Testers

A team of skilled software testers is a huge competitive advantage for any organisation. In this infographic we reveal Bugwolf's time-proven philosophy for attracting the best testing talent, including the exact job ad we use when we need to find A-grade testers.
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Software testers are the gatekeepers for digital quality in your organisation. Their role is effectively to protect your brand, reputation, customer experience and bottomline results. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that the best software testers are highly sought after.

Bugwolf is the world's first and only gamified user acceptance testing platform. Every year we receive thousands of applications to join our team... but only the top 1% make the cut. Suffice to say, we know a thing or two about attracting the world's best testing talent.

In this infographic we explore what makes top software testers tick, how you can attract the interest of top candidates, and the common assumptions decision makers make that undermine your recruitment efforts.

Software Testing Infographic

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