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Professional tester marketplace

We select the most qualified testers for our elite testing teams. Thousands of testers apply each year from around the globe. We interview and vett them and perform background checks. Only a small percentage are selected for our clients' projects.

Competition and gamification

Bugwolf makes testing more fun and engaging by gamifying the testing process. Our testers love competing to improve the quality of our clients' products, which generates outstanding results, and creates a compelling return on investment.

Reporting and analytics

Clients receive detailed reports on key trends and patterns across usability, functional, user experience, performance and more. We also include screencasts and context related data such as location, browser, operating system, device, and version numbers.

Tester and team management

Our platform enables organisations to assemble teams of professional testers and a large crowd of testers. We also provide the ability for testing directors to assign challenges and bug reports to members in the engineering or management team.

Rewards and payout management

Bugwolf not only tracks and calculates tester payouts based on their individual performance during a cycle, but we also manage payouts to testers. We make payments anywhere in the world via PayPal, or direct bank transfer.

Bug tracking tool integrations

Clients can download their bug reports from our platform and import that data into a bug tracking tool of choice. We also offer a range of integrations into bug tracking tools such as Jira, Rational, Bugzilla with many more integrations coming.


Fresh set of eyes

Bugwolf testers are a fresh set of eyes reviewing your products. They have little to no knowledge of your products prior to a testing cycle, so they make no assumptions as to how they should work. It helps you mitigate the risk caused by being too close to a product.

Faster product release cycles

Bugwolf allows you to speed up testing process which can not only be time consuming but also expensive to manage. Testers can be assembled quickly and the gamification significantly increases their efficiency, as well as test coverage.

Greater return on investment

Testers are paid based on their individual performance which is based on an agreed fixed amount with clients. They are incentivised to find bugs fast, providing greater return on investment over existing testing methodologies.

Accelerated testing coverage

Budgets for testing is often stretched which can sometimes impact the amount of time and resources you have to increase test coverage. We gamify the testing process which significantly increases test coverage across your products.

Security protection

Our customers take security seriously and we do too, with best practices implement throughout our stack

  • Testers are vetted and required to agree to NDA and terms of service
  • Two-factor authentication involves two stages for each tester to verify their identity
  • Integrated Secure Proxy Layer protects all communication with our clients servers
  • Amazon Web Services hosting provides multiple respected security certifications


Rod Williams
Director Digital Projects,
Treasury Wines Estate

Bugwolf was appointed to de-risk the relaunch of the new global Penfolds website (penfolds.com), the largest and most successful brand in the TWE portfolio. Bugwolf allowed our company to launch the new Penfolds.com website in an accelerated time frame, reducing the test cycle from weeks to days, and reducing bugs in production.

John Harris
Banking and Finance - Partner,

Accenture has been proud to partner with Bugwolf. Our banking client really appreciates the innovation that Bugwolf has brought to the engagement. Bugwolf has enabled our client to detect many potential issues that traditional testing methods may not have found and subsequently could have leaked into production.

Todd Copeland
Head of Digital,

In our industry it is imperative that our applications deliver an outstanding user experience across many devices. We needed fast, accurate and detailed user testing undertaken for our new consumer mobile application. Bugwolf was able to help us discover bugs earlier and rapidly expand our test and device coverage with a scalable and on-demand testers.