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Bugwolf in Top 150 for The Best Tech Conference On The Planet - Web Summit, Dublin

Bugwolf is proud to announce our selection in the top 150 worldwide to take part in BETA at the prestigious Web Summit, held annually in Dublin from tens of thousands of applicants and from thousands selected for ALPHA. There will be just 50 BETA startups showcased each day of the summit to over 30,000 attendees made up of 1,300 international media and 1,000 investors, from more than 100 different countries.
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The ancient city of Dublin has been at the forefront of Irish civilisation for centuries. It took another step forward in 2010 by hosting the first Web Summit, a gathering of the movers and shakers of the digital world for the purpose of learning from and networking with each other. The conference has grown from 400 to over 30,000 attendees in only five years.

This year’s Web Summit 2015 will run between November 3rd-5th. It is truly a gathering of the most fascinating, ambitious and cutting edge tech organisations from around the world. It’s regarded as the largest tech startup conference in the world and a selection of startups last year going on to raise up to a combined $1 billion in venture funding.

You can read a now legendary story about one startup called Uber meeting an investor in a pub in Dublin

The three day program will include plenty of time for networking and gaining new knowledge. It will include the world’s finest leading-edge startups, and highest quality investors as well as fascinating speakers, all are a part of the Dublin Web Summit.

Once a leader in the textile industry, Dublin has now become a major centre for a large number of information and communication technology companies. These companies have either a major office or their European headquarters in the greater Dublin area. They include such giants as Google, Apple, Microsoft, eBay, and PayPal.

While Dublin continues to advance into the future, there is one thing to remember. Guinness is still brewed at the St. James Gate Brewery and has been since 1759, that’s not about to change.  

We could not have achieved this without a huge effort from a kick ass team, our elite testers, and ongoing support from the press, clients, friends, and family over the past few years. Thanks to those that continue to get behind us and believe in what we are doing. It’s the start of something significantly bigger. We are seriously pumped about this one!

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