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Bugwolf selected as a finalist for IBM Launch Smart Camp - Global Entrepreneur Program

Great news! Bugwolf has been named as a finalist in IBM SmartCamp, which is their global event selecting leading startups and entrepreneurs who have a great product, kick ass team, and addressing big market problems that need solving.
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IBM SmartCamp is part of IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program and offers a unique combination of networking event and mentoring boot camp that provides startups with the opportunity to pitch their services on a worldwide basis.

Only five companies have been selected to a full day event, where Bugwolf will work intensively with industry leaders in technology and venture capital. The day includes the opportunity to pitch to a panel of industry experts, receive feedback throughout the day during intimate mentoring sessions, followed by a presentation to over 100 people.

The CEO & Founder of Bugwolf, Ash Conway said “It's an absolute privilege to be selected as a finalist. IBM have always been a big supporter of Bugwolf and our team. Its great to be recognised for our ongoing success and a testament to the hard work of our team in building a great product and service.

We have some of the smartest people from tech; design, and marketing, who are really passionate about the problem Bugwolf is solving. It’s a growing challenge which impacts any organisation with a digital presence. We are a looking forward to our continued partnership with IBM around the world and wish the lucky winner on the day all the very best.”.

The Australian SmartCamp winner will receive a massive USD120,000 in IBM Cloud credits including mentoring, technical and go-to-market support. In addition, the winner will also get the opportunity to advance to the semi-finals and study and demo at Launch Scale, and the chance to compete at the 2016 global Launch Festival - the largest startup conference in the world.

IBM SmartCamp is held in over 30 cities around the world this year, previous winning startups in Australia and New Zealand include 9 Spokes, Temando and CropLogic. A public event will be held between 3 and 6pm next Tuesday 15 September, and you can be a part of the audience by registering at the IBM SmartCamp website.

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