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How To Maximise Third-Party Warranty Agreements With Software Developers

In most modern contracts between an organisation and a third-party software developer, or software engineering company, there is a warranty period. This warranty period is generally a fixed period after a software product has been built and provides an organisation with an assurance that if there are bugs discovered within this time they will fix them at no charge.
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One of the challenges about these periods is not the agreement itself but the time in which the warranty is made available. Typically it’s during a very busy time for the organisation, product owner, and team. The focus is around meeting delivery timeframes, launching and marketing, and the organisation has limited resources to test the product with real users themselves.

To maximise these warranty period, Bugwolf provides highly accelerated and on-demand testing cycles during this time. We provide a fresh set of eyes looking at your applications before launch, provide you greater visibility of the quality of your products, and rapidly expand test coverage.

And this means, the you get the very best investment from the agreement with your software developers, while delivering a premium quality experience to your customers. 

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