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How to turn VC pitches into sales opportunities and new paying customers

So much time is invested in preparing, prospecting, and pitching to investors. I’ve never raised capital before. We’ve been bootstrapped for the past two years and we’re capital efficient, but a few months back I started preparing to raise a small amount of capital to scale the business faster - in between running the business and speaking with new clients.
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Many of the investors I’ve been speaking with have more than one investment, and every single one of those investments is a technology company which requires or currently delivers software testing across their assets. It only dawned on me as I started to talking with investors that not only do they have the money, but they also own the problem we solve!.

To maximise my time spent with investors I always keep this in mind and put my pitch in context of how their portfolio companies could get value from what we do. I put my pitches in context of an existing startup they have invested in, and how that company might use or benefit from the Bugwolf marketplace  and SaaS platform. Just the other day I had a 30 minute potential investor discussion and ended up walking out with a new customer.

And this means, while you’re pitching venture capitalists and raising capital you could not only be learning about your products, but also increasing your revenue and possibly your valuation.

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