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You don't provide your customers with instructions so why test your products like that

Today a significant portion of testing is task-based and instruction driven where an organisation will utilise an in-house or outsourced team who are familiar with an application. They will work with the business to understand their requirements and the person which owns testing, or delivery will formulate a set of task- based tests for the team to follow.
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What’s strange about this process is we don’t give customers instructions on how to use a product or an application. When we really look “under the hood” of this process, we also quickly realise most customers take different journeys when using an application and it can be time consuming and expensive to cover every path, which leaves room for error.

To address these challenges, Bugwolf assembles elite teams of testers which act like customers. They have little to no experience with your applications and products, and are not provided step by step instructions on how to use your products or applications. They make purchases, complete profiles, create and interact with content, like any normal customer.

And this means, we cover a significantly more customer flows than a traditional testing method, and subsequently reduce the chance of defects slipping through to production, and negative social amplification.

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