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5 Key Technologies That Are Stealing The Show At CES 2019

The biggest technology conference in the world is taking place in Las Vegas this week. For over fifty years, the Consumer Electronics Show has been the most important trade show for gadgets, games, devices, robotics, and every other type of cutting-edge personal technology.
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The products that debut at the CES can range from astounding to ridiculous and everything in between, and many of the tech tools we’ve learned we can’t live without made their debut there. Here’s a closer look at five technologies that are stealing the show this year.


Newer, faster cellular networks will be key to enabling many other innovative technologies to take off and reach their full potential. Self-driving cars, IoT networks, smart cities—whatever you can think of, it’s sure to be more impressive running at 5G speeds. Mobile 5G networks and smartphones are set to debut in the United States this year, and should be coming to the UK by 2020.

Smart Devices

If the manufacturers presenting at CES this year have their way, pretty soon there won’t be a single appliance in your house that isn’t listening to you through a microphone, using sensors to monitor their surroundings, and maintaining a 24/7 internet connection.


While some consumers remain skeptical of gimmicky IoT devices, smart technology is making huge strides in improving medical and health monitoring products. It’s not just about counting steps anymore—these devices are tracking mental health and sleep quality, diagnosing brain injuries, helping people hear better, and much more.

Autonomous Devices

It’s 2019, and all your devices are operating themselves. While you’re waiting for the first mass-market self-driving cars to roll off the assembly line, why not try a robot lawnmower, or even a motorized suitcase that can follow you around the airport terminal like a well-trained dog?

Augmented Reality

For many of us, augmented reality begins and ends with catching Pokémon on our smartphones. “Serious” AR technology hasn’t really taken off with consumers yet, but that’s not stopping companies from inventing new AR devices for a variety of commercial and professional applications like driving, conferencing, manufacturing, and even military training. Google Glass may be a thing of the past, but innovators are still working on creating that “killer” AR wearable that everybody’s going to want.

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