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Why hiring the best software testing talent is not as easy as you might think

To attract the best testing talent it takes much more than extra cash or perks. When you’re new in a career, money comes last and gaining experience is front and centre. Once you’ve earned your stars and stripes, making more money is soon overcome by changing the world and wanting to make a real difference.
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Software testers are no different. They enjoy getting access to new innovation, the challenge of always pushing their skills, and they love exploring and breaking stuff. The best testers are less interested in working for large enterprises. They see themselves as rebels and enjoy a role most people would not.

To attract the best testing talent, Bugwolf provides access to some of the world's leading and most innovative digital products without conforming to the structure of a large organisation, or having to be in the office by 9am. They choose when they want to work, which projects to work on, and they are not tied to their desk or hired based on their geographic location.

And this means, we can attract the best talent from around the world and provide our clients with the very best skilled testers which they would not normally get access to.

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