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Disrupt Like A Startup

Bugwolf has been enjoying the benefits of working with IBM. As part of that we had the pleasure of participating on a panel they co-ordinated recently, and an outstanding white paper on startups and the cloud.
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IBM has released a Discussion Paper titled 'Born on the Cloud: Disrupt like a Start-Up'. It explores how the combination of cloud computing and entrepreneurial spirit has led to the emergence of a new generation of disruptive start-ups – those that are Born-on-the-Cloud (BOTC). The paper also provides insight how traditional businesses can emulate attributes of BOTC startups and be ‘reborn’ on the cloud.

In the white paper Ash Conway, CEO of Bugwolf notes, “It’s about starting small and de-risking that whole process by picking a project and moving that to the cloud - assessing it, measuring it, learning from it and then, potentially, looking at other ways they could move other infrastructure.”

Ash also talked about the need for Enterprise companies integrating more start-up into their business by partnering. He said, “It would be a good thing to see large enterprise embracing the local startup community more and bringing them in and seeing what they can cultivate together.”

This white paper requires no registration. Read Born on the Cloud: Disrupt like a Start-Up

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