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Bugwolf in top 45 in Slush Pitching Competition

Bugwolf has been selected to participate as one of the top 45 in this year's Slush Pitching Competition in Singapore. This is an honor as well as a challenge that we intend to meet.
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We have emerged from a field of over six hundred applications and hope to be part of the 30 startups pitching on the Future Stage on September 20. Every candidate will be examined by a panel of top venture capitalists. The contest continues throughout the day and ends with the finals on the main stage.

The 45 participants this year come from ten different countries; Australia, China, Israel, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Korea, and USA. We will be pitching in Singapore on September 19th where the field will be reduced from 45 to 30. Then the remaining participants will go through two more rounds on September 20th where the final six startups will be chosen to compete on the Future Stage that evening.

The Future Stage will also feature exciting talks on a number of important issues affecting the Pacific Rim business ecosystem, including the future of Asia, the relationship between large established companies and startups, and talent management in the future.

Slush Pitching Competition in Singapore is an access point for businesses wanting to increase expansion into Southeast Asia. Slush Pitching Competition × Channel NewsAsia and Slush Singapore Startup Demo Booth exist to help startup companies who are working to raise funds within the next 6-12 months. They are searching for promising startups with regional and global potential who have established teams that can at least deliver a working prototype.

Eight startups will also be selected to participate in Channel NewsAsia’s Start-UP TV program in Singapore. Up to four winners will stand to gain seed funding of up to S$500,000 each. Up to four teams selected will be fast-tracked to Startup Sauna Accelerator Program final qualification round.

The winning startup will receive prizes and the right to compete in the Slush 100 Pitching competition in Helsinki, Finland in November. We at Bugwolf will do our best to make it all the way to Helsinki.

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