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Bugwolf rated No. 1 by APAC CIO Outlook for Software Testing

Bugwolf has made the front cover of APAC CIO Outlook magazine, heading the charge on their coverage of APAC’s top software testing service companies. Based in Silicon Valley, APAC CIO Outlook is a major digital and print magazine devoted to covering cutting edge digital technology companies on the the Pacific Rim.
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APAC CIO Outlook researches and presents the best emerging APAC companies that are pushing the edge of the digital envelope. The magazine’s editorial team approached Bugwolf as indisputably part of their “Top 25”, and upon further deliberation ensconced us on the front cover.

At Bugwolf, we are committed to developing cutting edge testing protocols that make software testing cost effective and help increase return on investment while also improving testing effectiveness. The intention is to quickly establish the right methodologies for a given company and deliver results through rapid and effective testing based on competitive interaction between testers. Bugwolf’s managed tests and platform can accommodate unique client needs and provide an integrated testing system that allows early client engagement in the testing process.

We are dedicated to empowering the client by providing a unique testing methodology that is both effective and adaptive to client circumstances. We are honoured that APAC CIO Outlook magazine has chosen us to be their cover story for this issue and are committed to remaining an innovative company that deserves such recognition by continuing to develop software testing procedures that place the customer first.

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