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Landrover Recalls 65,352 Cars Due To Software Glitch Highlighting Digital Safety

Land Rover has recalled Range Rover and Range Rover Sports models released between 2013 to now in the US due to vehicle doors unlocking and occasionally unlatching themselves caused by a software glitch. This recall has added to the headaches that Jaguar Land Rover was having over the last year. Its keyless ignition feature proved vulnerable to reprogramming by thieves using inexpensive hardware.
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This caused a number of insurance carriers to either refuse to insure Range Rovers against theft or to set security standards, such as not parking on the street, that vehicle owners found hard to comply with. Security issues with keyless entry and ignition are not new. All carmakers are struggling to safeguard supply chains that are serviced by an ever increasing number of suppliers, not all of whom maintain adequate security.

The door latch issue concerns Range Rover regular and sport model utility vehicles. The problem is that the door can be closed and yet stay unlatched without giving the driver any suggestion of a problem. Jaguar Range Rover is not the first car company to have this problem. Ford Motor Company also had a similar crisis that prompted the recall of more than one and a half million cars since 2014.

These recalls are an indication that car manufacturers still have difficulty integrating soft digital technology with the traditional hard analog technology of auto manufacture. Obviously, there is still a long way to go.

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