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Bugwolf declared as one of the top 25 QA companies globally by Outsourcing Gazette

We are happy to announce that the editorial team of Outsourcing Gazette has identified Bugwolf as one of the most promising 25 quality assurance companies globally. This announcement follows a detailed evaluation of the industry that appraised hundreds of quality assurance companies for competence and their ability to deliver results.
Bugwolf helps digital and delivery teams release software faster with more confidence by unblocking the software testing bottleneck and increasing testing coverage.
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The rapid advance of technology has created a challenging environment where improvements in digital technology changes markets, but also modifies how business is done on fundamental levels. These changes require new technology, and so the cycle moves outward in an ever expanding spiral.

The consistent need for new technology to operate with legacy tech poses a considerable problem for software development companies. It is a problem that can only be solved by strong quality assurance protocols, especially during usability testing. Fortunately, the availability of innovative technology is there to solve the problem.

These days, those involved in product development understand the importance of quality assurance. They realise that it is more than just resolving code issues, although that too is important. It also delineates and helps define product deliverables with regard to usability as well

Ash Conway, Founder and CEO of Bugwolf has placed his twenty years of experience in product design, development and testing, as well as a strong understanding of business operations, at the disposal of software development companies through the use of innovative methods of crowdsourcing and usability testing.

Bugwolf has met the challenges of crowd testing and maintaining top quality by detailed vetting of testers and careful review of bug reports to provide the best possible insights to clients. The Bugwolf model moves every project through numerous quality assurance gates to ensure accurate reporting that goes beyond previously established norms. This attention to detail has made Bugwolf the “go to” service for companies like National Australian Bank, Treasury Wines Estates as well as Australia Post. It has enabled Bugwolf to expand internationally in a very short period of time with customers in the UK and USA as well as Australia.

Also, gamifying the testing process has proven very productive. As Ash points out. “The platform allows clients to manage their own testing cycles and increase their productivity of their testing workforce. Clients can utilise the platform to design challenges, assemble teams, drive and measure performance and manage results.”

Bugwolf  provides finely controlled testing and evaluation cycles utilising a number of qualified testers who compete to provide quality usability testing within an accelerated time frame and Bugwolf's proven testing platform and protocols have enabled the company to rapidly establish itself within the industry.

Bugwolf, with it's unique and innovative testing platform and stable of highly qualified elite testers, is set to grow in terms of service and size in the years ahead.

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Bugwolf helps digital and delivery teams release software faster with more confidence by unblocking the software testing bottleneck and increasing testing coverage.
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