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Bugwolf Web Summit pitch video to 4,000+ attendees

Bugwolf founder and CEO Ash Conway pitched before a crowd of more than 4000 people in Dublin Ireland at the Web Summit Audi PITCH on 5th November 2015. The event was broadcast live over a CNBC and Web Summit stream and was watched worldwide by tens of thousands.
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This video is now available here and on YouTube, where you can also see the pitches of other participants as well.

Ash covered how testing is becoming ever more important. Where best practices require at least 30% of development funds set aside for testing and going as high as 50% in some cases. How software is now being shipped in a few weeks or sometimes even daily and that software bugs are now costing the global economy three hundred billion US dollars a year.

He showed how Bugwolf’s incentivised and gamified approach to software testing can generate up to a thousand percent return on investment and address the problem of quality versus cost.

As Ash Conway wrote on the Bugwolf blog, “We made it all the way to the very end, taking the stage with just two other Beta startups in one of my most exciting opportunities of my career as an entrepreneur and the history of Bugwolf. Most of the finalists had already raised significant funding. Although we came close runners up, to get this far was a huge achievement.”

Bugwolf is focused and determined not only to place Australian startups centre stage, but to address the rising cost of quality with innovation and flexibility as the environment of digital technology continues to expand.

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