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Apple gets set to launch iOS 9 from beta release In September 2015

Apple introduced it's newest operating system for iPads and iPhones on June 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference. For those accustomed to iOS 7 and 8, iOS 9 will be the same but different. There will be subtle changes and refinements as well as better performance and functionality.
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There are also some important new features, such as a picture in picture function and split-screen capability to enhance multitasking by enabling two apps to operate side by side. The new operating system also has a new two finger swipe movement that makes text editing easier.

Usability has been enhanced by the addition of another hour of battery use, as well as a low power mode that increases battery life even further. In addition, iOS 9 updates will take up considerably less memory. This means that 16GB devices will be able to install the new operating system. Apps will be removed during the update process and automatically reinstalled when it is done, meaning many legacy phones and tablets will not go out of date, which is nice.

Proactive Suggestions are a major AI addition as well, enabling iOS 9 to act as a personal assistant and time management tool. Coupled with Siri, this new feature will enable users to set general reminders, remember appointments and even automatically remember what audiobook they were listening to.  

In a move appreciated by many, Apple has removed Passbook and substituted Wallet in its place. Also, News will replace Newsstand and will function as a magazine style news aggregate.

There is also an improved keyboard is also featured with a built-in shortcuts bar and other improvements too numerous to mention. iOS 9 is another step on the road to a fully integrated digital world.

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