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The problem with most software testing is it lacks real return on investment

I’m a big believer that no longer is it about being first to market, but about getting to product market fit first. For these reasons I spent the good part of the first 12-18 months of Bugwolf speaking with a large number of customers in the software testing and digital space. I knew software testing had to change and quality would soon become even more important today than in the past, but I was surprised to learn the lack of measurable returns from testing.
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Today the costs of testing is rising and so is the need for better quality products. Many of the customers I spoke with were frustrated by the rising cost of testing. Best practices in an organisation is one tester for every three engineers. However, many customers have seen this rise to 1:1 ratio. Frustration also exists due to the difficulty in measuring the return of software testing, making their job even more difficult to justify budgets.

At Bugwolf we are not about putting bums on seats, but about delivering real and measurable return on investment. We’ve built a patent pending model which allows customers to measure every engagement with us and and provide much better visibility both in terms of value and cost savings delivered. When we start a testing cycle with a client, we collectively agree on what it costs them to remediate defects in production. At the end of every cycle, and after we have spent some time analysing and curating the results, we then apply a value to the defects we find.  

And this means, customers get a clear way of measuring the spend they make with us. This also helps them at each budget review when management are looking for ways to reduce costs and move budgets from software quality to other departments.

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