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CB Insights Names The Technology Trends Set To Dominate 2019

The New York-based technology analytics firm CB Insights has released a report detailing enterprise IT trends that it expects to take center stage in 2019.
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They assigned each of the sixteen trends on their list to one of four categories:

  • Necessary trends which are well-understood and have clearly articulated strategies and initiatives, currently seeking widespread acceptance across industries and consumer markets.
  • Experimental trends that are still in early or purely conceptual stages, with few functional products on the market yet.
  • Threatening trends that have already seen significant investment activity or early adoption, which may be on the verge of breaking through to wider markets.
  • Transitory trends that haven’t yet staked out clear market opportunities, but may find them as they become better known and understood.

We’ve put together a quick rundown of top eight trending technologies across all four categories.


  1. Software-defined wide area networking
    SD-WAN provides greater performance, bandwidth, and flexibility for networking. It’s expected that 5G networks will help facilitate this technology, which has big implications for IoT developers.
  2. Time series databases
    Already in use in some industries, this “time-stamps” data in a way that allows changes to be tracked.


  1. Multi-cloud management
    With many businesses utilizing multiple cloud services, managing data has gotten complicated. Multi-cloud management platforms offer centralized control of Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other popular cloud services.
  2. Application-specific integrated circuits and application-specific standard products
    Both of these terms refer to chips designed to serve a single computing purpose—artificial intelligence or cryptocurrency mining, for example. These specialized chips are able to work more efficiently than comparable general-purpose chips put to the same task.


  1. HTTP/3
    Developed by Google, this protocol promises to shorten the time required to establish an HTTP connection, decrease bandwidth traffic, and improve latency.
  2. Workflow automation
    With AI and robotics taking over more and more job tasks that used to involve human physical labor, jobs that require human cognition are the next frontier. Data entry, customer service, procurement, underwriting, and many other tasks may be taken over by automated software in the near future.


  1. Serverless computing
    Enabling businesses to cut down on resource investment by providing on-demand server functions without the use of dedicated hardware, serverless computing services are predicted to keep growing strong this year.
  2. Cold storage
    Magnetic tapes and CD-ROMs may be due for a comeback as more businesses realize the benefits of storing infrequently-used data on removable physical media instead of always-accessible data servers.

For more details, you can read CB Insights’ original report here.

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