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Ash Conway Bugwolf to keynote FST media event in Sydney

Ash Conway will be the keynote speaker on the fintech innovation stream at the FTS media event taking place in Sydney in November. This event will showcase three separate streams of innovation, blockchain technology, digital customer experience, and Fintech innovation.
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Ash is the CEO and founder of Bugwolf, one of Australia's fastest growing tech startups. He has over 20 years of experience in international business development including 11 years building tech companies and working with startups through to acquisition while generating sales as high as $150 million.

He is also an award-winning designer who has worked in Europe and built and ran a successful agency in Melbourne.

His keynote talk will address how Bugwolf uses game design and employee engagement to reduce the rising cost of digital quality and accelerate delivery for Australia's largest banks.

It's important to remember that we are more and more connected to software in our everyday lives as we move every engagement onto a single pane of glass. This makes software testing increasingly important as society moves forward.

Unfortunately, traditional software testing is struggling to keep up as we transition from shipping software every 6 months to shipping every week.

Test automation is critical in testing, but can be expensive with a high rate of change, and struggles to replicate every customer experience.

Software bugs cost the economy $312 billion (USD) annually in 2013, and this amount continues to grow as we become more connected.

This is why Bugwolf has a fivefold purpose.

1. To extend testing capability and through outsource testing to enable enterprise to remain focused on their core competency.

2. To deliver better quality digital products to customers much faster than traditional testing models.

3. To better engage customers and employees during user acceptance testing while streamlining approvals.

4. To provide a fresh set of eyes to review the quality of digital applications before they are released.

5. To reduce software testing and delivery cycles from weeks to days with a unique gamified approach.

Many large enterprises like National Australia Bank, Australia Post and Treasury Wines engage with teams via the Bugwolf Platform to review the quality of their software prior to releasing them to millions of their customers.

Other important technology and digital industry leaders like Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, NAB, Westpac, ING Direct, UBank, Google, RedBalloon and the world’s most innovative Fintech bank — Fidor Bank AG (Germany), will also be present to showcase their innovation thought leadership at this 1.5 day event.

You can get more information about the conference here.


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