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Bugwolf recognized at the World Strategy & Innovation Forum

Bugwolf was recognized as a Super Connector - The Business Model of Generation Z at the Strategy & Innovation World Forum in Sydney. It is a honor to be acknowledged as an innovator in the software testing field alongside companies such as Uber, AirBnb, Alibaba, and Facebook, at one of the most important events of the year.
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But, what is super connecting? Super connecting means connecting supply with demand. For example, Uber, the world’s largest taxi company owns no vehicles, and Facebook, the world’s most accessed media platform, creates no content. The new game is connecting supply with demand, rather than attempting to compete as a traditional supplier.

The Strategy & Innovation World Forum was one of the largest events of its kind. Among the speakers was Erica Hughes who spoke on business transformation and innovation. Erica has been a consultant to major corporations on innovation, transformation and change management. She has also begun a number of startups which include the challenging medical space plus she has set up Westpac Banking Corp’s innovation lab.

Mark Sheppard also made a presentation on the Industrial Internet. Mark is the Chief Digital Officer for GE Australia, PNG and New Zealand.  He has headed up the digital transformation of GE’s oil and gas, energy, aviation and global mining operations.  

Altogether, there were thirty-five speakers presenting unique ideas that will help establish a new business model for the future. It is a model without the traditional entry barriers, where expert knowledge isn’t always required and where established organizations and startups must have a revolutionary view of supply and demand.  

Communication is the key to success as a 21st Century enterprise. The ability to connect supply with demand is a major part of the new less centralized business model that has grown and continues to grow out of the digital revolution. From fintech to agile management, innovation is remaking the world of business in ways that could not have been imagined only a generation ago. Success in this brave new environment depends on strategy and innovation. Which is what the Strategy and Innovation World Forum was all about.


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