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How important a fresh set of eyes reviewing your applications is before release

We’ve all been there before. We get too close to our applications or products and start to make assumptions about what our customers really want and how the application is meant to function. It’s only natural given we live, sleep, and breathe them over long periods of time. In research terms it’s called groupthink.
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Many companies attempt to overcome problems associated with groupthink by rotating teams on projects, breaking projects into smaller chunks, or team building events. No matter how many new-age workplace changes you throw at this problem, defects in software continue to be overlooked by employees and are still finding their way into releases.

At Bugwolf, we overcome these issues by assembling elite teams of digital professionals who have little knowledge about your applications. There testers are external to your business and bring different perspectives to the process. They perform tasks like any real customer would. By providing a fresh set of eyes, we discover things our clients didn't even know existed.

And this means that really major bugs that can seriously damage the customer experience and your brand, are much less likely to get to market.

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