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Devops and business

Devops provides a new way for business organizations to view software development. Traditionally, software development occurred in isolation and software departments were as separate from the rest of the organization as the boardroom was separate from the factory floor. The need for rapid software integration into the modern business space has changed all that and led to the concept of devops.
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Software is becoming increasingly interactive and more concerned with rendering service than just keeping records. This increase in service oriented, customer interactive software means that businesses can no longer be satisfied with one or two updates a year in critical customer facing applications, but must be continuously aware of and responsive to customer feedback and changes in the marketplace.

Businesses now rely on software to build customer loyalty through enhanced interaction in the same way they once relied on direct person to person customer service. Applications have become the most important customer interface for many businesses. This requires faster build times, more detailed engagement with stakeholders, especially end users, and A/B testing in a continuously evolving environment. These are all requirements that devops can meet through the principles of integrated communication and agile development.

Devops’ lean approach enhances innovation, reduces waste and concentrates resources on high value targets. However, the corporate mindset can sometimes be entrenched and slow moving. Devops requires the integration of job functions that have not traditionally operated together. It may take some time and effort to get everyone involved to sit down and work out the requirements involved. The nice thing is that once people start communicating across former barriers, the efficiency, speed and overall quality of software development greatly increases.


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