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Why QA should be owned by the Head of Digital

These days it so easy for consumers to change technology products. Most technology is linked to a subscription based model which has no lock in dates and are typically month to month and based on consumption. Today, if a user is not happy with the experience and the quality of a product, they will pack up their bags and move to a competitor.
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Many people in organisations believe that the quality of a digital product is owned by the testing team, not digital product owners. This is surprising given that many organisations have shifted their entire focus of their business to digital from the board level down, digital quality must become front and centre of everything you do.

Most testing departments see Bugwolf as a threat. We deliver cost savings, which in some cases means less jobs. We accelerate testing which means there might be less work for the testing teams, and we change the traditional way of doing things, which commonly threatens most people in organisations because of the fear of change can mean instability.

When we are pushed to the testing teams, there’s a very good chance we will not get the support we need to make real change in your organisation, reduce cost of testing, or accelerate releases.

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