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Bugwolf’s testing platform backed by bluechip clients - Australia Post and NAB

Bugwolf’s testing platform continues to go from strength to strength, partnering with some of Australia’s biggest names in banking and online retail. Since it’s inception in 2013, Bugwolf has bloomed from a one-man operation to a flexible, on demand workforce of over 30 people. And this strategy has allowed the startup to remain agile and flexible to deliver quality and fast results for its clients, says Ash Conway, Founder and CEO.
Bugwolf helps digital and delivery teams release software faster with more confidence by unblocking the software testing bottleneck and increasing testing coverage.
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And Bugwolf comes highly recommended. "What they can do in weeks would take us months….we could get a bug-free product out there much faster," said National Australia Bank's GM of Digital Todd Copeland. Australia Post’s General Manager for Digital Channels and Innovation, Steve Maidment, Head of Digital Innovation and Online Channels at Australia Post,  also didn’t hesitate to provide positive feedback, on the outcomes delivered by Bugwolf, "[they] assembled an elite team of beta testers where our customers are and issued each with credit cards. This meant they tested our e-commerce platform in a real world environment and found bugs we didn’t even know existed."

Recently announced as one of the Top 25 Most Promising QA Vendors/Services [hyperlink to blog post], Bugwolf anticipates its rapid  growth to continue with a raft of new clients coming on board recently.“We are really proud to work with outstanding organisations such as Australia Post, Treasury Wines Estates and National Australia Bank as well as a number of international clients. Our custom built SAAS platform allows our clients to be more nimble in delivering digital innovation and quality faster to millions of customers, and in turn we gain valuable feedback that allows us to continue to strengthen our product and service offering”, said Ash Conway CEO and Founder of Bugwolf.

Summary of the recent announcements:

  • NAB’s partnership with Melbourne-based technology startup Bugwolf to utilise a new platform for testing projects in the development phase.
  • General Manager of Digital at NAB, Todd Copeland stated “What [Bugwolf] can do in weeks would take us months. Crowdsourcing a lot of fresh eyes on to it meant we could get a bug-free product out there much faster.”
  • Crowdsourced testing start-up Bugwolf’s partnership with Australia Post has seen their apps through it’s paces to identify potential problems and iron out customer issues.
  • Bugwolf transformed Australia Post's testing methodology to accelerate the process and increase the test coverage of customer facing applications – reducing the likelihood of poor customer experience being released to market.
  • Bugwolf has been declared as one of the most promising QA companies globally after Outsourcing Gazette completed a detailed evaluation of the industry, appraising hundreds of QA companies for competence and their ability to deliver results.

An introduction to the Bugwolf platform:

  • Web-based service that uses gamification to test a company's website, apps and online products for service errors or bugs before launch.
  • Gamification process involves releasing digital services or products to a group of technology experts in the form of a game.
  • Unique on-demand marketplace and SaaS platform which gamifies the testing process where elite testers compete to perform tasks like customers.
  • Recognises that real world users do not follow test scripts and the journeys customers take are varied and at times unpredictable.
  • Attracts the best software testers from around the world and are not limited by their geographic location providing access to a wide variety of testers who would typically not be available.
  • Provides a fresh set of eyes reviewing digital products prior to release and a team of elite testers who rigorously test them in the same way customers use them.
Bugwolf helps digital and delivery teams release software faster with more confidence by unblocking the software testing bottleneck and increasing testing coverage.
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