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Why Slack might make many startups and technology simply disappear

Rarely there are unicorns which come along in the software space which really shake things up. They disrupt not only the large software players but also the many smaller players as well, mobile apps, and startups. They take processes which were owned by a number of products, or that a number of products did not do well, and change the game.
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Slack is one of those unicorns. It's never just one thing that makes them change the game, it's typically a combination or recipe or things, such as brand, team, design, and customer experience. In their case security also plays a big part. They have essentially taken the concept of ICQ, made it consumable for everyone, and giving it a layer of security.

When reflecting on my daily tech habits these days, Slack has grown to take up a significant portion of my spend, and I don't mean tech spend, rather where I spend most of my day when using tech tools. I spend 90% less in my email account and all file sharing and communication is there. Slack has become the glue and replaced many products I once used.

Bottom line is, I need significantly less other technology tools during my day, and this means some of those tech products and startups will simply disappear.

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