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Test software throughout and not just at release

I’m fortunate to get the opportunity to spend most of my time meeting with some of Australia’s digital and delivery leaders. We get the opportunity to talk about a range of trends, challenges, and how they are managing the speed in which we must deliver digital innovation today. The one consistent theme I’m hearing from testing teams is ‘we are testing software during releases’.
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We live in a digital world where we are all connected via a range of platforms and, with regard to the Internet, there is more uncertainty and instability than ever before. The Internet is changing at an ever increasing rate. Browsers now update on a monthly basis and mobile operating systems are always changing. This invalidates the traditional way of testing software only when we release.

Security is also an important consideration. It is vital to maintain security by both ensuring compliance with changing regulations and by making certain that changes to online applications do not inadvertently create security problems that can be used with malicious intent.

Modern software is constantly subject to updates, as improvements are made and problems are solved. However, improvements and problem solving can sometimes result in more problems. In fact when you ship new features to production, there is a very good chance different parts of your application can be impacted and in some cases break. This makes ongoing testing imperative. Also we should always be testing because the software with which our applications interact is also changing. Testing only during software release cycles is not enough. Your team should have a relentless focus on quality because good quality software converts to more happy customers.

Just as continuous integration testing is important during development, so operational testing should take place whenever changes are made. It’s just good common sense.

At Bugwolf, we make testing software always fast and easy. Clients get access to our platform and have full control over testing teams and when and what they would like to test. Customers can setup test challenges which run consistently every week, focused on testing different online forms, ensuring you are always monitoring and looking for ways to improve conversions.


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