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Google Android M OS release date just months away from major launch

Google has announced a major software update for Android. The plan is to release the new patch, presently titled Android M, later this year. However, Google has not yet announced which devices will receive the new OS and in turn its new features. And Android M certainly does have a number of new features. These features include Doze Mode, which can double battery life by putting the phone to sleep when not in use while still letting incoming calls through.
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One of the big advances is the addition of System UT Tuner which allows people to customise Quick Settings to the layout that is most comfortable for them. Another improvement is the ability to uninstall apps directly from the home screen. There is even an option to choose between removing the application entirely or just removing the icon from the home screen. Also, Google Now is easier to access and you don't need to leave the app you're on to reach it.

Google also offers Android Pay. This application enables people to make a purchase with a single tap, without the need to open an application, while fingerprint scanner support enables secure authorisation.

Another big improvement is the ability to individually grant or deny app permissions. This helps keep personal data personal as you no longer need to grant access to data you want to remain confidential. You can also grant or withhold new permissions when an app makes a request.

Sending files, photos or links has now become easier as Android M will add your contacts to a share menu creating an interface similar to a speed dial list.

The easy to use sliders for volume control and USB Type C support rounds out what promises to be a much improved operating system. If Google follows its usual pattern, we can expect the release of Android M somewhere around October or November. That's something to look forward to.

While the name of the software has yet to be announced, speculation is high regarding what dulcet delicacy it will be named after, with Milkshake being the frontrunner and Marshmallow a close runner up.

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