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Software glitch costs ExamSoft $2.1 million after impacting 16,000 students in the US

Software quality fulfils a much more important role today than ever before. Humans are so interconnected with technology in everything we do. A small bug in software used by thousands during a peak period can have huge flow on effects. Not only can an issue cost revenue and cause customer attrition, but it can also lead to expensive legal implications.
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ExamSoft is one of those unfortunate examples. They were recently fined US$1.5m and incurred another US$600K in legal expenses (US$2.1m in total) for a software glitch which impacted 16,000 bar takers while they were trying to upload their exam responses. The software glitch eventually lead to some bar takers not being able to submit their exam results on time.

At Bugwolf, we assemble teams of experienced digital professionals who compete to test applications who perform tasks like users, or in the above case, bar takers. These teams could have been selected based on their different geographic location in the States where the bar takers were based, extensively testing the submission process.

A real world approach reduces the likelihood of software glitches occurring in high stress and peak situations like these. It also ensures a significantly better experience.

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