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How releasing a buggy application in the app store could cost you 6 weeks

When you get to finally releasing your app to one of the selected app stores, it can be a really exciting time. But also a nervous one. There are so many moving parts in the process that need to be considered. Marketing and product teams need to be aligned, code and apps need to be tested and there is a lot resting on a third party to approve it.
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Typically, testing suffers when time is constrained. And if overlooked, it can be extremely costly. If your app gets rejected due to a bug and you have a marketing program ready to go, it can cause you significant pain. It will typically cost you two weeks during approval, two weeks to pull it from the store and remediate, and a further two weeks to get it reviewed and approved again.

To reduce the chance of this occurring, Bugwolf provides accelerated testing even in circumstances when time is short and, amazingly, testing can be left to the last minute. We provide a pay for performance model to address the inefficiencies of testing and create an environment where testers compete to report defects over accelerated time frames.

And this means, better quality apps are submitted to the app approval process, reducing the chance of marketing delays, which is good for reducing costs, increasing downloads, and ultimately for revenue.

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