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Bugwolf wins the first SE-Corp CIO Shark Tank Pitch

Bugwolf has won the first CIO Strategy Summit Shark Tank pitch night.
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Bugwolf CEO and founder Ash Conway pitched to the panel and a room full of innovators from companies like Hyundai and organisations like Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

For those who don't know, Shark Tank refers to a reality TV show that features contestant entrepreneurs pitching before a panel of potential investors referred to as sharks, but rather than pitching to investors, we pitched to some of Australia’s biggest enterprise clients. It was the Shark Tank television show that inspired this event by SE- Corp and the CIO Strategy Summit, which was sponsored by Asia-Pacific Accelerator Venturetec and the panel included representatives from Commonwealth Bank, ABC and Australian Post. Bugwolf was the only Melbourne based startup in the competition.

Conway told StartupSmart that, “It was a great opportunity to get in front of a lot of our potential customers and get some direct feedback.”

This first annual event is another indication that corporations are ever more willing to support the startup sector. The increasing spread and complexity of digital technology has increased the need to outsource to specialists who can provide cutting edge technology. Bugwolf, with its cloud based user-testing platform and unique gamification approach offers the type of solutions that enable clients to deliver better quality digital products faster to their customer, and enabling them to ship software with confidence.

Bugwolf's dedication to putting the customer first is our greatest asset, and supplying solutions that work in a rapidly changing digital environment has enabled us to interface with forward looking companies and organisations who are willing to internalise and benefit from disruption.

We are proud to be part of helping to create a new landscape based on cooperation, of which the SE-Corp CIO Shark Tank style pitch is an important part.


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