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Bugwolf in top 4 startups at Digital Strategy Summit

Bugwolf has been selected as one of the top four Australian startups to pitch at the Digital Strategy Summit that will take place June 8th and 9th at the Sydney Sheraton-on-the-Park. This is one of the most important events of the year and Bugwolf is honored to be a part of it.
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This Summit’s panel judges will be:

Tiziana Bianco, Head of Innovation, CBA

Mark Drasutis, Chief Product Officer, Digital, News Corp Australia

Kate Bennett Eriksson, Head of Innovation, PwC

Micah Starkis, Head of Innovation, Transport for NSW

Deirdre Wroth, Partner, Venturetec

Alex Johnston, Director of Client Technology, Thomson Reuters

Digital technology is rapidly changing the way business is done. Whether it is finance, marketing or manufacturing, digital is opening new avenues for profit and making it easier for small business to compete with big business.

As digital technology continues to disrupt traditional business models, it is becoming ever more important for C-Suite executives to find ways to embrace this challenge and turn it to their advantage. That is what the Digital Strategy Summit is all about. This summit will bring over 200 of Australia’s most influential digital strategists from many of  the country’s major organizations, agencies and government departments to discuss the edge of the digital frontier.  

Topics will include Change Management, Disruption, Analytics, and Big Data, as well as Payment Innovation, the Internet of Things and Smart Cities. The agenda will also cover Cultural Management, leadership and numerous case studies will be presented.

This is a major gathering of important stakeholders that will contribute to the digital future of Australia in many different ways, and Bugwolf is proud to be part of it.

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