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How to evaluate a potential software testing provider

Hiring the right software testing vendor can be a problem, but it doesn't have to be. There is no shortage of alleged “testers” in the marketplace. Fortunately, it isn't all that difficult to sort out those companies that provide excellent service. They stand out from the crowd. Certain items indicate when you are dealing with a quality software testing vendor.
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They have a good track record

A good vendor will have happy clients who are more than willing to explain exactly why they are happy. The vendor should also have worked for established companies with good reputations.

They Specialize

Top notch software testing vendors will stick to testing and quality assurance. They don't offer a smorgasbord of other services. This makes them more reliable when it comes to the services that they do offer, because they've drilled deeper into and understand more about what they are doing.

A history of flexibility

A good vendor will be flexible and scalable when it comes to revising tests, regression testing and so on. They can handle change without confusion and can move forward, even when things get difficult.  The vendor should be able to handle any changes in requirements.

A history of good communication

A quality provider will be open and aboveboard with everyone involved. From the client to the software development team and other stakeholders. What's more, a quality vendor will establish and maintain strong lines of communication and keep all those who need to know well briefed.

Configuration management

The vendor should also have an operational configuration management  system that will make it easy to meet any future demands.

Look for excellence

A quality software testing vendor will thoroughly screen testers to build a qualified and stable team of professionals who are well versed in the tools and methodologies required and will make sure that all the necessary resources are in place to complete assignments in a timely manner.


Independent testing and quality assurance is becoming more common because it provides a fresh set of eyes who can be objective and rigorous while integrating with other project teams at the same time. So, choosing an outsourced vendor isn't as hard as it seems. As long as that vendor fits the above criteria, there should be no problem in that vendor meeting your expectations. All it takes is choosing a vendor who focuses on maximizing benefit for the client. Then, outsourcing software testing will provide a quality return on investment.


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