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Accountants can't be auditors in software development and test

In a financial world there are a range of measures, governance, and rules in place to reduce risk and financial impact of decisions being made based on bias or existing relationships. They are there to protect those which are making decisions based on the data. The most obvious example is where financial based organisations are required to use different companies for accounting and auditing.
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Each week I come across organisations which have outsourced software development and testing process to one company. These companies are responsible for not only building these applications but also for testing them to ensure they work the way their clients intended them to. It’s like the fox guarding the hen house.

In a financial world organisations are restricted from using the same company for accountanting and auditing. The reason for these restrictions is to protect people from creating biases especially when you've been working and living that business for some time. In application development, by the time you are ready release new software you are too close to see the forest from the trees.

At Bugwolf, we provide our clients with an independent fresh set of eyes to audit your software during a digital delivery cycle, prior to releasing software to your customers, and after an application is released to production. These teams test products with no existing relationships with the development team, and we believe your accountants can’t be auditors when building and testing software.


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