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How connected cars could make recalls a thing of the past

In recent times we've seen a significant increase in car recalls across the globe. The different products and parts which have been affected range from airbags, to towbars, seat belts to faulty fuel lines. The most recent recall and largest of our time was Honda in 2014 which recalled 5.4million cars and for airbags with the company fined $70 million. What’s amazing about recalls is that many have been software glitches.
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There are many steps which car manufacturers take to test quality assurance and ensure the safest outcomes for drivers. However, with pressures on car manufacturers in recent years and declining growth and sales, you can’t help thinking that this pressure may be increasing competition between manufacturers to ship new innovation faster.

As the world becomes more connected, including cars, there is growing demand for manufacturers to adopt an agile approach to shipping them. We need to see more car manufacturers looking to software developers to not only build the cars of the future but also adopting faster ways of delivering innovation at lower cost without jeopardizing quality.

Futuristically, car recalls could be a thing of the past and if there is a software glitch, your car could be updated over the internet without hefty global recalls.

Reference: These are the 10 biggest automotive recalls ever

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