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More Of The 2018 SmartCompany Smart50 Award Winners

Last month, the Australian business and entrepreneurship magazine SmartCompany published the list of their Smart50 Award winners for 2018.
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These awards are given to the fifty fastest-growing small and medium-sized businesses of the year. Previously, we looked at the top five winners, and here are numbers 6 through 10 of the companies whose drive, ambition, and innovation earned them a spot on this year’s list.

6. ClickSend

Since its launch in 2013, ClickSend has grown from a bulk SMS marketing tool to a cloud-based, multi-channel communications platform for businesses and their customers. ClickSend has expanded into Asia, Europe, and North America, and their focus on innovation and customer support has helped them grow over 362% to reach nearly $6.5 million in annual revenue.

7. FitMyCar

Offering exact-fit aftermarket car parts for online shoppers and car enthusiasts, FitMyCar’s revenue has grown by 337% in the past three years, making over $5.5 million a year. Their business model is based on providing customers with affordable made-to-order parts that fix perfectly and match customers’ exact color and material requirements.

8. Alley

A digital marketing company, Alley Group was founded in 2010 and has nearly quadrupled their revenue over the past three years by delivering excellent results for big clients like YouFoodz. Priding themselves on their dedication to helping their clients develop their own in-house marketing talent, Alley brings in close to $15.8 million in annual revenue.

9. King Kong

Next on the list is another digital marketing company, King Kong, which has lived up to its namesake by being fearless about making bold moves. King Kong offers concrete return on investment metrics and guarantees results for its clients, and this audacity has paid off: in four years of operation, King Kong has grown by more than 314% and reports revenues of $7.5 million per year.  

10. GetCapital

GetCapital was launched in 2013 to provide small businesses with opportunities to secure capital investment outside of traditional financial institutions. They made over $15.2 million last year, growing nearly 239%, and have expanded the range of financial products they offer while continually striving to improve the data and analytics they use to underwrite their investments.

Information about the rest of the Smart50 winners and the category award winners can be found on SmartCompany’s website.

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