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How improving the mobile user experience enhances sales

Mobile customers appreciate a smooth retail experience. They are more likely to revisit and re-shop at sites that offer a stress free interface. Google has done considerable mobile consumer research and here are some of the important elements they have discovered. These elements make for a smooth mobile shopping experience.
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As the number of people who mobile shop continues to increase, the mobile friendly site has become a vital part of successful marketing. Research has shown that intuitive layout is a centerpiece of a quality user experience. Whether it's mobile sites or retail apps, the abilities to search, explore, navigate and purchase easily are the major determining factors in successful conversions.

Retail design no longer means just an attractive site with nice product images, but is now part of an overall pattern that guides the customer through a smooth retail process.  A smoothly running process means that there are no points where the customer is frustrated by things like lack of product details, few payment options or confusing checkout forms.

The average retail website gets only one chance to impress. If potential customers find it cluttered or confusing, then they are likely to move on without even searching the site for the product they came to find. On the other hand, an easy to understand site is an open invitation to browse.

Mobile customers consider fast load time to be a major element of website quality. Mobile shoppers are, by nature, shopping on the move and they don't have time to sit and wait. They will abandon an app or site that does not load quickly and so speed testing is an important part of website or software testing.

Another important principle is to not get too nosy. Don't ask for personal information right up front if it isn't absolutely necessary. It's even a good idea to provide a guest checkout function and ask for registration only after a purchase has been made. Keep the communication line with the customer open throughout his or her visit. If possible, add a chat function. At the very least, make sure that the customer knows where you can be contacted right from the start.

Don't demand that users download your app right up front. Remember, they probably don't know you. Establish a trust factor by delivering value first and then ask for a download. And when you do ask, use a discrete banner and avoid popups that are probably blocked anyway.

The best way to make sales is to provide clear and easy to understand product information that both describes the product and addresses common customer concerns such as fit or cross platform usability.

Stay in communication with customers and invite them to communicate with you. Keep an eye out for common problems and questions and make sure they get answered right on your site. Remember that no matter how advanced platforms may become, sales is still a person to person activity. Making sure that your site treats the customer as a valued individual, is the best way to improve user experience and enhance sales.


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