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Software glitch may have caused an Airbus A400M plane to crash during testing

There is no doubt that software is continuing to eat the world, becoming a ubiquitous part of everything we do. From manufacturing and agriculture, to retail to travel, our global interconnectively means that the risk of technology and software failure is ever present. And the impact of that failure can go way beyond money, sometimes costing lives.
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As reported in a German news article, Europe's largest defence project - the Airbus A400M plane, crashed because of software problems in the control unit of the engines. The crash occurred shortly after taking off, when three of the four plane’s engines lost power after receiving contradictory commands. This prompted five countries to ground their planes.

With global transport systems becoming more and more reliant on tech, the potential risk to life from quality issues becomes enormous. Take for example self driving vehicles, while they offer the potential for enormous social benefits, those benefits need to balanced with protocols that can ensure extremely high levels of safety and redundancy.

Our thoughts are with the men who lost their lives and with their families. Without brave men like these willing to take risks testing, the ease of travel we enjoy today would not be possible.

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