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The importance of deeper client engagement during user acceptance testing

In every digital project, in a digital agency or otherwise, there needs to be clear process that includes engaging clients for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the application you’ve built to get sign off before go live. Sometimes this may happen in an agile way as you roll, but in most cases it's after the designs have been approved and the application is ready to use.
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There are a number of challenges which can arise during this phase. In most cases, projects are running behind schedule which means the timeframe in which you have to perform UAT with clients can be narrow. Also, clients are always busy and User Acceptance Testing is typically managed using spreadsheets which can make things difficult to manage.

When you are unable to collect detailed client feedback within a fixed timeframe, projects can be delayed and upstream marketing initiatives can be impacted. When spreadsheets are used to capture and manage feedback, details can be misplaced and you may end up launching an application without incorporating the input of every stakeholder.

To address these challenges, Bugwolf has built a platform which not only makes User Acceptance Testing easier to manage and engage stakeholders but also makes UAT more fun and engaging. When clients are short on resources we can also provide a fully vetted and on-demand team of elite testers to assist with User Acceptance Testing.

The Bugwolf platform makes UAT more fun and engaging where testers compete over an accelerated time, providing bugs and feedback about web or mobile application prior to release. We provide a structured way for digital agencies to engage clients, a secure way for clients to access their application, and an easy way for clients to report bugs.

This means that you not only accelerate UAT but also produce better quality products, creating happier and more engaged clients, and make managing UAT a breeze.

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