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Millennials in a digital world

Millennials were the first to be born into a truly digital world. This makes them social game changers. They are accustomed to and expect to be easily connected. From iPhone to Facebook, their sheer connectedness means that brands and marketers need to keep up if they want to remain relevant in the Millennial's world.
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Millennials are far more accepting of change than previous generations. After all, they have grown up amidst a period of rapid social and economic change that shows no indication of slowing down. They are comfortable with technology and use it as a window on the world, and an engine for making decisions, from what products to buy to what politicians to vote for.

For them, there is no separation between the actual and virtual world, both are part of the same new zeitgeist. They are also the most open generation in history,  willing to share facts about themselves on social media that would be considered private only a generation before.

But it isn't just social connection. Millennials are comfortable with online purchasing of everything from a pair of shoes to insurance and stock options.

Millennials are careful spenders. They use their technological savvy to find deals and are less inclined to impulse buy. This makes them harder to market  to. Their brand loyalty is also far less based on logos, tradition or advertising. They want to participate with the companies they buy from in ways similar to their participation in social media. They want to communicate and be responded to. For millennials, customer service doesn't stop with the purchase, that's only the beginning. They are also socially and environmentally conscious and will tend to patronise those businesses that have a conscience. Millennials have dived into the digital society and can swim better than pretty much anyone else.

They also look upon themselves differently. Being continuously connected means that their social awareness is based less on rugged individualism and more on individual cooperation and coordination.They have a strong sense of ethics and will use technology to act collectively.

They are less authoritarian than previous generations because they can quickly fact check any authority and their concept of democracy is far more egalitarian. They can also work together in unprecedented ways to build a better, more equitable civilization.

Whatever their ultimate influence on the future, it’s going to be interesting.


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