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Empowering employees in digital transformation

Many of the world’s largest and oldest organisations are going through unprecedented change as they move their focus to digital. This means a large portion of employees without digital titles may feel left behind. Meanwhile, most of these employees have been using technology since the late 90’s and have indeed become power users in their own right.
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It may have taken organisations 10-15 years to start thinking digital, but there is a very good chance that many of their employees have been using technology and been surrounded by digital since the early inception of the internet. There is also no one in the industry which knows your business, products, and services better than your employees do.

At Bugwolf, we recognise there's a wealth of digital and technology experience already residing within your organisation - with your employees. To harness this wealth of expertise and knowledge, our platform can assemble large groups of employees as user testers who compete over short periods of time to provide you usability and user experience feedback about your products.

By making your employees part of your digital transformation process, it can mean great things for your company culture, turning them into a marketing workforce to be reckoned with.

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