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The rising cost of software quality is eating the world

There’s no question we are more connected to software and digital products and services in our everyday lives than ever before. Organisations are moving customer engagement onto a single pane of glass, and in some cases, are taking their bricks and mortar business into digital.
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With this change comes significant changes to humankind. From the way we communicate and connect with one another, to the speed in which we access information to make more informed decisions - these all have significant impact to not only the way we live, but also the economy.

New challenges emerge from these changes, the likes of which have not been encountered in history. The shifting of wealth across regions in developing and developed countries is one such challenge. Another, is the impact of when the software we rely on in our daily lives doesn't work.

This shift motivated Cambridge University to conduct a study and release a report which stated software bugs cost the economy $312 billion (USD) annually in 2013, and this amount continues to grow to $1 trillion in next 5-10 years as software becomes essential in everything we do.

We address this is problem by making quality assurance more fun and engaging, increasing testing coverage and delivering a better digital experiences, all of which lead to a significant reduction in the cost of quality.

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