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CIO Australia Releases Their 2018 CIO50 List

CIO Australia has released their third annual list of the top 50 digital and technology chiefs in Australia. The CIO50 list recognises the information tech executives who are transforming their companies with new technologies.
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This year's judges were looking for CIOs who demonstrated true innovation and leadership.

The winners for this year included 31 executives new to the CIO50 list, representing a wide range of business, non-profit, and government sectors. Over the past year, these executives have been changing their companies for the better with cutting-edge tech including artificial intelligence, machine learning, the blockchain, virtual reality, data analytics, cybersecurity, and more.

1. George Hunt, CIO of Sydney Water

Using the latest technology to conserve water and prevent service interruptions, George Hunt has helped turn Sydney Water into a hyper-connected utility provider. Projects launched under his leadership include the Spatial Hub, a tool that creates visualisations of customer issues, using data collected from over 400 IoT devices. Hunt also created #mBrace, an inclusive, staff-driven movement that promotes diversity of thought and culture in the workplace.

2. Dr Steve Hodgkinson, CIO of the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services

Dr Hodgkinson has brought an agile, platform-based approach to technology-driven initiatives at Victorian DDHS, bringing more than 35 new business systems online within the past 3 years. Key projects have included cybersecurity enhancements, the housing register online application system, a family violence referral portal and the cloud-based, API-enabled Victorian Health Incident Management System.

3. Aidan Coleman, CTO of Charter Hall

Aidan Coleman placed at #23 on last year's CIO50 list and rose twenty spots this year largely on the merits of an initiative he led, the Charter Hall PropTech Accelerator program. This program was created to address Charter Hall's sustainability and growth prospects, partnering with four startups to develop technology for use in the real estate sector.

4. Dr Zoran Bolevich, CIO of NSW Health

Dr Bolevich has taken on the tremendous task of bringing the 140,000 staffers and 7.8 million individuals covered under NSW Health into the digital age, shifting away from paper-based records and bringing health data and medication management onto secure digital platforms. The goal for NSW Health's eHealth Strategy has been to reduce errors, improve patient experiences, and produce better health outcomes.

5. Rebbecca Kerr, General Manager, Technology for Roy Hill

Kerr has led the way in delivering Roy Hill's Smart Mine program, which provides  advanced data analytics about ore deposits and suggests operational improvements to increase mining efficiency. She has also launched an initiative that uses IoT devices to keep mining equipment like lighting towers online and operational when needed while conserving fuel whenever possible.

The complete 2018 CIO50 list can be found at CIO Australia's website.

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