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How NAB is putting customer service front and center

National Australian Bank has had a long tradition of customer service and is now building on that tradition to erect a new level of customer service using digital technology to enhance and improve its interaction with customers.
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The intention is both to improve bank/customer interface while also offering innovative new products and services. NAB is working hard to place customers front and center.

Nab’s tradition of making sure it’s about customers, has helped them to plan into the future and develop products and services for the next generation of banking. This includes the creation of NAB Labs, to develop new products and services that can be successfully commercialised in the service of customers.

NABs passion for customer service has enabled them to prioritize delivery, while improving the types of services offered. This is important because of the changing customer service environment. For example, over the counter transactions and paper check usage is on a steady decline, while digital transactions are on an upswing, with NAB processing over 45 million digital transactions a month. While the traditional bank branch is in decline, mobile banking is rising. Sixty percent of NABs customers now do at least some of their banking on mobile devices.

NAB is dedicated to making things easier for its customers, to service their financial needs and always treating them with respect. To this end, NAB has been building its digital capability, rededicating the mindset of its employees to customer service and improving the quality of that service at every opportunity.

To hear more about what NAB are up to, it’s worth listening to NAB CEO Andrew Thorburn.


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