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Tech Nation Announces 33 UK Startups For Rising Stars Semifinals

Tech Nation, the UK-based network for digital entrepreneurs, has announced the 33 finalists for their Rising Stars competition.
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The goal of Rising Stars is to locate and highlight the most exciting and innovative tech startups in the UK today, giving those companies the chance to elevate their profile, connect with other startup founders, tech leaders, and investors, and win a growth-boosting prize package valued at over £4000.

The semifinalists will be heading to Barclays Eagle Labs in January to hone their pitches before delivering them to the final panel of judges. Only twenty semifinalists will proceed to the Grand Final, to be held at London’s Rich Mix in March.

From the Midlands and North East UK, here are the first five semifinalists.

1. Rateaco Limited Technology

As FeeLXY, this Birmingham-based startup uses artificial intelligence technology to assist financial institutions in doing their due diligence and assessing risk levels for the loans and investments they make.

2. Deep Branch BioTech

A health and biotechnology company based out of Nottingham, Deep Branch is developing scaleable technology that aims to turn industrial pollutants into sustainable animal feed by converting the carbon dioxide in waste gases into single-cell proteins that can be used in the place of soy and fishmeal.

3. Tended

From Lincoln, Tended produces IoT wearables that don’t just track fitness—they also monitor their wearers’ safety, detecting falls and other accidents, sending out automatic emergency calls when needed, and checking in if the wearer’s activity level suddenly changes.

4. Equiwatt Limited

Equiwatt Limited is a Newcastle-based company that is pioneering intelligent homes with its world leading AI-powered energy management platform. Through automated energy management of household appliances at peak times, their community of homes will create a virtual power plant that pays them for saving energy.

5. Hawkr

Newcastle-based Hawkr offers devices and software for managing digital signage networks that use image recognition, deep learning, and other advanced technologies to help businesses optimize their messaging and advertise more effectively in digital spaces.

You can find the rest of Tech Nation’s Rising Stars semifinalists listed on their website.


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