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Understanding the software delivery pipeline

At its most fundamental level, the delivery pipeline is simply an automated version of the software development process, from building the software through testing and deployment. The software development cycle has traditionally presented certain problems.The main problem is communication between the various teams who are responsible for the different aspects of the process.
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Modeling this process in automation makes it possible to increase the level of communication and the speed of data flow between the various stakeholders all along the line. It also enables continuous integration as every individual and team can see and control their element of the process while reducing wait time for delivery or documentation. The software can then move from development and version control, through testing and on to deployment.

The purpose of continuous delivery is to make it possible to deliver new updates and features to the consumer as fast as possible. This is done by modularizing code. These modules are built and unit tested and then submitted to the code base in a process of continuous integration.  Individual features are tested before rollout to ensure quality and conformity with the complete system.

The teams at the various stages of software development, seek to verify added features in different ways. This promotes functionality and minimizes the possibility of buggy software ending up in the hands of users.

The delivery pipeline makes continuous delivery possible. It creates transparency throughout the development process, and allows rapid feedback with every change to the application.This is what continuous integration is all about. It makes certain that the various teams involved can operate with a higher level of confidence because bugs and difficulties can be quickly addressed due to rapid feedback.

The delivery pipeline is there to maintain quality while adding functionality at the same time. This cuts down development time while enabling the organizations to deliver increased value to end users without a commensurate increase in time.


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