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The advantages of outsourcing application testing

The consistently rising cost of doing business means that outsourcing is here to stay. Many companies today, large and small, outsource everything from accounting to website design. Some companies even outsource entire departments in order to cut costs, and in America one city (Maywood) has even gone so far as to outsource its entire management and maintenance.
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This isn’t always bad, in fact, outsourcing application testing can be a very smart move. Even though some IT executives reject outsourcing  for a number of reasons, there are many companies, and Maywood, that are benefiting from the increase in product quality at reduced cost that outsourcing brings.

Expenditures are a crucial element for IT executives and institutions at this time. Quality  performance at reasonable cost is a high priority. Unfortunately, there aren't many companies that are able to sustain an internal team of specialists with the range of necessary skills and knowledge needed to test modern applications. Cost effective testing demands a high level of understanding of the different systems and languages needed to develop modern applications. Different applications look and act differently on different platforms and need to be tested in different ways. Today, only very large organisations like Google or Microsoft can afford to support the kind of complex team necessary to test software internally. Supporting a full time testing team is a costly proposition that only the biggest can afford. Even then, these large companies are known to, at times, outsource their testing requirements.

Another problem is that internal teams find it more challenging to maintain the required schedule. It’s rather easy for internal team members to be too gentle with each other. It’s difficult to say no when a coworker asks for more time as each knows the pressures that the other is under. On the other hand, third party providers are restricted to precise timelines, thereby assuring that projects are completed according to schedule. And so outsourcing can be an important element of keeping a project on budget and on time.

Because of its traditional position at the end of the testing cycle, it is very easy for UAT to be shortcutted and rushed. Quality testing requires the skill, time and resources that small and midsized and sometimes even large companies cannot provide. But, by outsourcing UAT to a company that has the skill and time and resources, you get the attention that your project deserves.

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